Daisy the Clown

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Please call for exact prices and complete information

We don't charge per child but for our time.


Our hourly rate is around
$145.00  (+-for travel fees)

1 Hour Parties for up to 12 children.

Choose balloon animals & magic tricks.

Or choose face painting & magic tricks.


1 1/2 Hour Parties up to 15 children. $175.00  (+-for travel fees)

This usually includes balloons & face painting & silly magic tricks if time.


2 Hour parties are for more children $200.00 (+-for travel fees)
This includes balloons, face painting and silly magic tricks.

Also available is Daisy's All-Star Band starring your child!

If you want us to be able to do more elaborate face painting or balloons then book us for more time.

We usually do balloon creations that take 1 or 2 balloons to make so each child can get a balloon quickly.
If you want fancier balloons then book us for that. 
We can get more elaborate with balloons and face painting for you.

We are clowns and silly goof arounds that will make you laugh. We entertain while we make balloons for you and that is what makes us so much fun and helps to makes your party great!  See you at the party!

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